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Java Violet

The girl with many names

13 February
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Danny Elfman is love.

violent femmes are love
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1980s, 200 cigarettes, 80's music, abc, about a boy, adam and the ants, adult swim, alternative music, american beauty, angelina jolie, aqua teen hunger force, better off dead, big fish, blogging, bruce campbell, caffiene, candles, chasing amy, christmas, christopher walken, clerks, cocteau twins, coffee, danny elfman, david bowie, dead can dance, dead like me, depeche mode, disneyland, donnie darko, drew barrymore, dvds, eddie izzard, empire records, erasure, eurythmics, evanescence, evil dead, ewan mcgregor, family guy, famke janssen, farscape, ferris bueller's day off, freddy vs jason, friday the 13th, garbage, gwen stefani, halloween, high fidelity, horror movies, howard jones, icons, jack skellington, john cusack, johnny depp, kane hodder, kate winslet, kevin and bean, kevin smith movies, kevin spacey, kill bill, knotts halloween haunt, kroq, laughing, legend, love & rockets, maggie gyllenhaal, martin gore, memento, mix cds, mixes, morrissey, moulin rouge, mp3s, music, musicals, new order, new wave, nicole kidman, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, nine inch nails, nirvana, office space, oingo boingo, omd, online journals, outkast, pee wee's big adventure, pet shop boys, peter gabriel, photography, pirates of the carribean, portishead, pulp fiction, purple, quentin tarantino, rhps, richard elfman, robert englund, rollar coasters, sam raimi, sarcasm, secretary, shirley manson, sleep, sleeping, sleeping beauty, sleepy hollow, south park, spongebob squarepants, stabbing westward, starbucks, steve buscemi, system of a down, talk talk, tank girl, the 80s, the breakfast club, the cure, the royal tenenbaums, the rules of attraction, the smiths, the wall, the wedding singer, they might be giants, thomas dolby, tim burton, tim curry, tones on tail, tori amos, trading cd mixes, violent femmes, winter, writing, yazoo